Hydrogen requires Atom 1.20.0+ and kernels for the languages you intend to use Hydrogen with.

To install Hydrogen run apm install hydrogen or search for Hydrogen in the Install pane of the Atom settings.

If you are using Linux 32-bit follow the installation instructions here.


apm seems to have a bit of issue in the latest version 1.23.0-beta1. If you get an error that starts with:

  return, stringToFlags(flags), mode);

Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory

we recommend you to install Hydrogen via console command: apm install hydrogen.


Checkout for instructions on how to install the most popular kernels.

Tested and works with:

But it should work with any kernel. If you are using Hydrogen with another kernel please add it to this list or post an issue if anything is broken!

Note that if you install a new kernel, you'll need to run Hydrogen: Update Kernels for Hydrogen to find it. For performance reasons, Hydrogen only looks for available kernels when it first starts.


We have a troubleshooting guide! It's pretty sparse at the moment, so please share with us the resolution to any rough spots that you find.

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